Top Mistakes Most Explainer Videos Have

Top Mistakes Most Explainer Videos Have

As far as explainer videos are concerned, it is either you do it right or you do not do it at all. An explainer video carries your company’s brand. Here are major mistakes most explainer video creator make.

Making an explainer video too long

This digital generation has internet users that are accustomed to getting quick and brief content. If people do not get the central message thirty seconds into the video, they scamper away. Do not add too many words pace yourself, the ideal speed for your voiceover is approximately 150 words per minute. This allows your audience to comprehend your script and the voiceover delivery will sound natural and organic to your viewer.

While shorter is always better, there is no golden rule on the length of the explainer video. Although if the customer is further down the sales funnel, then a longer video may be appropriate.

Making a poor quality video

Do not sacrifice quality for your deadline; you get it right the first time or not at all. A video of poor quality is worse than no video at all. You only get one opportunity to win over your viewers with a video. If a video seems mediocre, it will reflect on your product.

Having a bad script

Adequate research is a formula for a great script. Take time to brainstorm and write down all the reasons why someone should purchase your product. Review that list and narrow it down to the most important points. Submit an outline that is clear and concise this will help the video company to know exactly what you want. There is a misconception that video company should handle the script but why would a third party know more about customers than you.

The primary goal of an explainer video is to convince not to explain. You, therefore, need to capture your audience’s attention. If the script sounds professional, your audience will not pay attention. Your script should not be vague. It should make it very clear what the product is and what it does. Be alert to what questions the audience may have about your product and make sure there questions and concerns are addressed in your video.

Restricting your creative team

To have a legitimate script, work with a professional writer. Trust them and leave some creative space for the creative team to keep the creative juice flowing.