Why Cheap Explainer Videos

Why Cheap Explainer Videos Are Not Worth Using

To make an impact and end up with a high-quality video, you need not skimp on quality to end up with a beautiful, unique, mind-blowing piece of marketing art. Avoid getting a cheap mess and instead ask “how much should I spend on an explainer video” because:

You want to earn the trust

Viewers trust brands that invest in quality video. It takes less effort to know that an explainer video took work and therefore appreciate the effort. The quality of your video is a sign of expertise, craftsmanship, and care which directly impacts how people see your brand. Tell your company’s story the right way, make it awesome and a unique pack.

You want investment returns

An online video is not a one-off purchase, but a long-term investment. You got what you pay for. Explainer videos should be of quality work as it is an investment in a marketing strategy. You have to invest money in the video from the first second to the last for the audience to watch the whole video, not just the first seconds.

To imprint your company in people’s minds

The price tag is an irrelevant factor when at the end of the day the brand stands out; you gain respect and clients purchase your products. Quality is more important if you want impact, you want to make sure it looks good, has awesome content, has an organic voiceover script, is captivating and stands out from your competition to increase sales for your company’s service or product. People, due to an increased number of explainer videos, are getting better at differentiating tacky explainer videos from awesome explainer videos.

A lot of work goes into it

Pricing of a product depends on the length, style, the quality of work, and how in demand the explainer video company is. An explainer video is expensive due to the time and effort that go into developing one. An explainer video can take up to three months to complete, a total of fifteen professionals and requires various processes. An explainer video is an investment involves meeting, calls, emails, revisions, rendering, and uploads. It all comes down to brand representation and how much you can be relevant to the explainer video. Some companies use the same explainer video for as long as even ten years.